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At DTCS, our visual effects team has over 20 years of film and video experience, and a deep comprehension of where the industry has been, where it is, and where it is going. We offer a wide range of post-production services that can dramatically improve web videos, presentations, industrial videos, DVDs and films.

From the subtle to the lavish, you can affordably enhance your work through a broad suite of software titles ranging from color correction, 2D/3D modeling, animation, special effects, living schematics, dazzling transition effects and much more.

Don't tell customers the power of your company -- show them. DTCS has the vision, expertise and resources to post your next project. Contact us today to learn more...

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Post-Production Intro

Post-Production Intro   |   Red One 4K/Epic 5K Workflow   |   Digital Effects

Red One 4K & Red Epic 5K Workflow

Post-Production Intro   |   Red One 4K/Epic 5K Workflow   |   Digital Effects
Shoot Video - Footage from RED cameras is stored on either removable SSD cards or an attached hard drive. As shoot progresses, data is transferred to a separate harddrive to back up. All video files are recorded in REDCODE RAW.

Edit Video - After the shoot, all video is transferred to external storage system. Files are edited using either Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut Pro using REDCODE as source. Quicktime and AVI preview files are sent to client for review.

Finishing - Once all video segments are "locked", REDCODE source and EDL (Edit Decision List) files are sent for any digital effects work. The project is then color corrected using the source REDCODE and effects files as the last step.

Output - An uncompressed DPX group of frames will be outputted from the color correction program. These will serve as the final master that can be used to downconvert to any size and standard for client distribution needs.

Digital Effects For Web, DVD & Film

Post-Production Intro   |   Red One 4K/Epic 5K Workflow   |   Digital Effects
Color Correction - One of the most under-appreciated aspects of post-production is color correction. It is what often sets apart a professional looking finished video from an amateur one. DTCS provides advanced color correcting services for RED cameras and all other video formats as well. We utilize multiple software packages including Assimilate Scratch.

Compositing - To seamlessly blend video footage with computer generated images (CGI), graphics and effects takes special talent, software and hardware. From green-screen to gun shots, DTCS has top-tier digital artists and compositors that can transform any shot.

3D Animation - Once the domain for elite Hollywood studios, 3D animation is easier and more affordable to create than ever. The animation gurus at DTCS create believable 3D graphics that stand alone or realistically mesh with 2D video.

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Featured Projects

Sort Logic Trade Show Presentation

Featured Project: Trade Show Presentation

Client: Sort Logic Systems
Project: View Video 1, View Video 2
Services Provided: Graphic Design,
Visual Effects, 3-D Animation, Voiceover Recording, Compositing, Mastering

Sort Logic Systems was attending a high-profile banking trade show and wanted to make a splash in its booth with an enhanced audio visual presentation.

DTCS created a six minute animated video for display on a HD plasma screen. The video featured advanced visual effects and 3-D animation set to narration and music. It provided potential customers with a virtual tour of the service offering in a dynamic enviornment.

A shorter animated video was created that highlighted the many clients that use Sort Logic software. The videos helped to capture the attention of guests that passed by the booth allowing the sales team to speak about their products.

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